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Taking Action and Making a Change in Canada

History has proven that the only way in which people can make a difference in their societies is to take action. Putting Canada First is determined to start influencing decisions and outcomes that revolve around our mantra and policies. We are undertaking initiatives on specific issues with a myriad of different methods. Our ability to influence the outcomes depends greatly on the number of Canadians who support and actively take part in our endeavours. We are looking to our supporters to put forward whatever efforts they can. Each individual action will make a small difference but when added together will have a powerful effect.

Identifying Issues and Promoting Solutions

Putting Canada First will continue to identify core issues that are negatively affecting the citizens of Canada on a national, provincial and local level. We will promote and advocate for effective, positive and constructive solutions to these issues, with the objective of benefiting Canada and Canadian citizens. Our central focus will be cultural, economic and environmental issues that concern the lives of the average Canadian. Our members, and in some cases the general public, will be informed of our initiatives and asked to help by participating to whatever extent they can.

As an example, PCF identified language and signage concerns in British Columbia. With an e-mail and media campaign we were able to make a difference that resulted in public signage, previously using only foreign languages, being modified to include English.

Taking Action Together

Once PCF has identified an issue, we will provide guidance and background on the issue, and then rally our members and supporters. Our members and supporters will then be encouraged to express their views, educate others of the concern, and help amass a grass roots wave that will force the influential parties to take our concerns seriously. PCF will confront the issue with a coordinated effort involving a number of different methods in which our members and the public can participate:

  • Online Action – posting comments in online articles articulating, and educating people of our shared view point and concerns,

  • E-mail Action – PCF will identify the influential parties involved, distribute their contact information, and encourage our members to e-mail each of them expressing their thoughts and concerns on the issues,

  • Demonstrations – PCF will organise local and national demonstrations inviting our members, supporters and the public to participate and express their displeasure and concerns publicly,

  • Information Distribution – Canadians are unaware of the many issues that are negatively affecting them and to what degree. We will organise information campaigns to educate Canadians about the issues and distribute concise facts and figures to make them aware of the issues.

  • Public Dialogue – whenever possible we will engage with the media to make Canadians aware of the negative consequences and promote our ideas to solve the issue in the best interest of Canadians

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