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Preserving Canadian Language

This Page will be expanded in the very near future! For time being however, we encourage you to visit other pages on the Putting Canada First website.

Below, you will see a recent flyer distributed concerning the preservation of Canada’s official languages:


6 Responses to “Preserving Canadian Language”

  • I Am Wasp says:

    Chinese Signs In Canada Are Not Benign

    Chinese signs in Canada are part and parcel of the Chinese invasion and attempted take over of our country. For those of you who find this a rather incredulous, then I suggest you read the following comments from Henry Yu, a Canadian BORN professor at UBC. Not only do his comments serve to illustrate the real intentions of the Chinese community as a whole, but it supports the conviction that we are being successfully taken over by means of invasive and seemingly hostile immigration.

    “Chinese leaders in Canada are not always straightforward, but one may get a sense of the ultimate goals behind the ongoing demands for apologies from the writings of Henry Yu, history professor at UBC. He said that the 2006 apology by the Federal government was “just the beginning”.

    In an Op Ed piece in The Vancouver Sun (2 February 2010), he claimed that the English language “stunts diversity”. Calling it a “colonial” language, he demanded that Asian languages, long “silenced” by “white Supremacists”, be given the same official status. He even equated the presence of a high number of whites in leadership positions with “the legacy of a long history of apartheid and white supremacy”. Read about it here…………
    Chinese Head Tax, White Apologies, and “Inclusive Redress”
    by Ricardo Duchesne

    Chinese Head Tax, White Apologies, and “Inclusive Redress”

  • I Am Wasp says:

    This is not authoured by myself, but the OP called for it to be shared, and since I could not agree more, I took it upon myself to publish it here.

    Language legislation now! (GVA)
    BC needs language legislation… take a moment and send a letter to your MLA. Read my article, find the template to send at the end and all MLA’s email link.


    Thank you for reading.
    Is British Columbia heading towards language legislation?
    Posted on1 Hour Ago by marcericcarrier2015
    The recent appearance of Chinese language only ads in Richmond not only raised the ire of the community, it raises serious questions about the integration of Chinese immigrants versus the « ghettoisation » of Chinese communities.
    It is no secret the newly rich Chinese are flocking to the Greater Vancouver area in great numbers. Both levels of government have eased the process in numerous ways, eager to attract major capital to the country, for the greater good of Canadian citizen (in intent at the very least).
    From their sheltered offices in Victoria and Ottawa, they are not the ones being challenged daily by culture clashes and blunt discrimination from all sides. Therefore, it is our duty as Canadians to push forward the need of a workframe that promotes Canadian standards and values; a legislated and enforced guideline that determines the prevailing law of the land. Will the province step up and draw inspiration from Quebec’s infamous Bill 101 at once?
    Implemented in 1977, the objective of the charter was: « to make French the language of Government and the Law, as well as the normal and everyday language of work, instruction, communication, commerce and business. » From a French speaking only Canadian’s perspective wanting to preserve the unicity of their status amongst a mostly English speaking Country, it made perfect sense. But more so, the need for legislation came from the evergrowing presence of English only businesses who would provide nor service nor signage in French to begin with; meaning: your business is not welcomed here.
    Can the parallell with the current situation in Richmond be more obvious? I think English speaking Canadian never actually believed to, one day, find themselves in their French speaking counterparts shoes… Yet here you are, you now know how it feels.
    China is to Richmond what India is to Surrey.
    Another fine example can be found in Punjabi only radio stations who were clever enough to build their antenna’s just across the U.S. border, therefore escaping any CRTC ruling. Just another slap in the face of a community promoting inclusiveness while the other self excludes from the mass, creating their own little private space in a land that welcomed them with open arms and hearts. How long before Chinese follow their example?
    The situation is alarming enough to request our immediate attention. We need to step up to the task and have our elected officials aware of the need to act. I suggest each of you who spent the time reading this article spends an extra minute copying the following letter and sending it to your MLA’s email, which you can find by clicking this link. Only but voicing out your concern can we set things in motion.
    Find your MLA’s email address here: https://www.leg.bc.ca/mla/3-1-7.htm
    Thank you for reading, sharing and mostly forwarding a copy of the following letter to the rightful authorities.
    Dear (MLA’s name)
    I recently came across an increasingly concerning matter where immigrant community members used language in advertising and signage that is none of this Country’s official languages. Though I understand the purpose of advertising being reaching your target audience, this situation had me feel estranged and left out in my own neighbourhood, city, country.
    I believe some legislation is required to set a standard where English is prevalent as the main language in everyday language, communication, work and commerce. I have no objection with usage of a secondary foreign language but English must obviously prevail above all. This must be clearly stated and embedded into laws as a mean for better integration in the true Canadian spirit of togetherness.
    I hope your understanding of my concerns is void of prejudice against any specific community. All I wish for is an environment where everyone can understand each other and thrive. This can only be achieved if there is a solid foundation on which to build on and it starts with a legislated common language.
    I would appreciate this matter brought to the higher instance of government for debate that would lead to a legislation where strict and defined rules are set to prevent this trend to expand.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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