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Policies and Beliefs

Putting Canada First is a growing not-for-profit organization with members across the country. Governed by an executive committee, we are open to all citizens of Canada. As our name implies, we will never betray Canada, and we aim to bring about change in the country that puts Canada first. For several decades, we have witnessed the country’s leadership betray its people and make decision after decision that were against the wishes of Canadians. For the sake of Canada and her people, this must change!

Our Policies, Goals and Beliefs

Putting Canada First serves to represent the self-determination aspirations of cultural Canadians throughout the nation. As such our organization will serve as the primary catalyst of change in the following areas:

  • The retention and promotion of our national Canadian cultural identity, including aboriginal
  • The maintenance and promotion of Canada’s two official languages on a national, provincial and municipal level
  • The promotion of a large reduction in immigration, and the continued program of limited immigration that places the needs of Canadians first and foremost
  • Take strong measures to ensure Canadians have a true right to jobs and employment opportunities in the country before temporary foreign workers are brought in
  • To ensure all Canadians have access to affordable housing, by eliminating the excess immigration and foreign speculation that causes property prices to inflate unmanageably.
  • To ensure all Canadians have the right to affordable post-secondary education, and to dramatically restrict the unfair competition from foreign students (who pay only one-half the true cost of their Canadian educations)
  • To ensure all Canadians have timely access to comprehensive health care, and to restrict the massive ‘drain’ on our limited health care resources caused by illegal immigrants and bogus refugee claimants. (This would mean that only emergency services would be available to illegals and bogus claimants)
  • To ensure all Canadians have the right to an accurate and fair news media, and that our public education system retains objectivity in its curriculum. This will mean fair debate and instruction with regard to immigration, multiculturalism and contentious historic events.
  • To ensure free speech, equality and public safety come before the exercise of religion and ideology within Canadian society
  • To thwart free trade agreements that undermine our national sovereignty through the ‘off-shoring’ of Canadian industries, importation of foreign labour, immigration schemes, and destructive environmental impact through unsustainable extraction of our natural resources
  • To restrict foreign ownership of Canadian natural resources, including farmland
  • To ensure that public safety comes first with regard to agricultural chemicals and genetically-modified crops, and that product labeling discloses the true source of ingredients
  • To guarantee food safety in imported products from countries with a history of questionable agricultural practices, of poor quality control, and improper processing procedures (whereby the entire cost of the increased inspections will be borne by the importers)

Canadian Culture: It’s Ours, and We Need to Save It!

Faced with the divisive policies of multiculturalism and massive, unnecessary immigration, our culture is in peril. We are at risk of losing our unique identity forever. As a tiny portion of the world’s population, Canada could easily be overwhelmed by mass immigration and multiculturalism, and we refuse to let this happen.

Maintaining the Canadian Identity is Good for Everyone
Canadians are a peaceful, caring people, but there is always the risk that the problems will grow out of control. By acting now, we can ensure a peaceful country that is good to all its citizens, regardless or origin. However, this cannot be guaranteed if mass immigration and multiculturalism are allowed to continue, because it would result in the dilution and transformation of the Canadian character.

canadian-economyThe economic well-being of Canadians
For over 30 years, Canadians have put their trust in their governments and business leaders, only to be abandoned by misguided policies and the mantle of greed. After being promised that globalism and open trade with developing countries like China would be good for us, we have witnessed the devastation of our manufacturing industry, and the average Canadian has been delivered a decreasing standard of living. Sure, the wealthy have done well, but they have abandoned the average Canadian in the process. We no longer trust politicians and business leaders who have sold out Canadians for their own self-interest. The evidence is clear to see that Canada needs to protect and re-invigorate its domestic industry and manufacturing operations.

Centrist Economic Philosophy
After abandoning an increasingly left-wing economic philosophy, Canada, in the 1980s, shifted to a dominance of right-wing economics — which has now proven to be a massive failure for average Canadians. For three decades Canadians put their trust in the promise of right-wing economics and open trade, but now it is time to pronounce it for what it was: A Massive Failure that benefited investors, importers and speculators, but left the average Canadian with a steadily decreasing standard of living. We support a global economic perspective, but the evidence is clear that the dogma of “Globalism” has failed average Canadians.

A global perspective is what is needed for Canada, rather than “Globalism”, which is an unbending dogma that promotes unrestricted movement of capital, goods and people… to the detriment of average Canadians.

Instead of ‘trickle down’ economics (the benefit of which never arrived for average Canadians), we espouse a balanced approach to economic management, that relies upon the innovation and hard-work of Canadians, along with policies that help the average Canadian worker. Neither left-wing nor right-wing dogma is appropriate for Canada’s economy. Instead, we propose pragmatic approaches that benefit all. (See here for further information on the economic policies espoused by Putting Canada First.)

It’s Not Too Late, But Time is Running Out. We Must Act Soon!
Time is running out to save Canada

Canada’s Culture is Worth Saving!graph-of-world-to-canada
Canada’s tiny population deserves a chance to survive. We have the right to save our culture!

A tiny percentage of the world’s population would overwhelm Canada and destroy our cherished culture. Canada had the best country and culture in the world,
and it’s not too late to save it. But we must act soon!

Canadian identity is not the land we live in, and it is not simply carrying a Canadian passport — it is the amazing culture we have developed over several centuries. It’s worth Saving!

People from around the world are welcome in Canada, but they should be expected to join our wonderful culture — not to stay separate from it. More than that, we invite them to join our culture and become Canadians.

A Cohesive, Strong Society
Though we are an open and welcoming society we are not willing to have our culture marginalized by rapid and high volumes of immigration. We believe it’s time to unify all Canadians from all backgrounds into our unique Canadian identity (French and English), that we can all believe in and all strive for the greater good of our great country. We believe it is time to place the needs of Canadians ahead of the special interest groups and wealthy who will sell out our society for their benefit.

To support Canadian culture we need demographic stability and immigration must be reduced to very limited numbers. We need to reverse destructive multiculturalism policies and champion a Canadian culture that acts to unify the nation.

A Real Rising Standard of Living
We will campaign for policies that will improve the standard of living for the average Canadian. In order to build a better life for Canadians we need to encourage our politicians to endorse policies that benefit the life of the average Canadian and not just the upper classes.

A New Voice Representing Average Canadians
Putting Canada First has been designed to provide a voice for all Canadians who share our concerns and goals but have been too timid or afraid to speak out because of societal pressures that come from a limited, but very vocal, group who intimidate the majority into silence. We encourage all to read our policies, to read about the myths of immigration and multiculturalism, and to follow us in standing up to the government, the media and cultural Marxists who are attempting to wash away the Canadian culture that we cherish. We need to control and reduce mass immigration, multicultural ideologies, and ill-advised foreign takeovers of our vital natural resources, real estate, and our best corporations.

Canadians Want Reasonable, Intelligent Action
We will undertake peaceful, intelligent initiatives and campaigns to achieve our goals of a unified, cohesive, culturally stable and economically prosperous Canadian society that enhances the quality of life for all Canadians. Changing our cultural pathway will be challenging but we believe with enough support from our fellow Canadians we can accomplish our goals. We invite Canadians, of all stripes and ‘walks of life’, to join us in our initiatives by becoming members, by volunteering their valuable time, and supporting our efforts as much as possible.

Putting Canada First – We Stand on Guard for Thee!

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