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Harper Gov’t ‘Conceded to China’ under Pressure: Treaty Expert

As the Canadian government announced it had ratified the highly controversial Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement with Beijing, [Mark] Kitto reflected on his own story.

In 2005 his business was taken from him by a partner who was Chinese, at the time a legal necessity for foreigners, in cahoots with the Chinese government in what has become one of the most fabled stories of expat anguish in China and the subject of Kitto’s upcoming book That’s China.

During his day in court during the dispute, Kitto managed to prove the conspiracy against him by producing a letter from the public relations arm of the communist party to his business partner instructing him to fabricate evidence for the case.

Click to Read the Full Article: http://thetyee.ca/News/2014/09/13/Harper-Conceded-to-China/

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