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Foreign Nannies: Consequences of the Live-in Caregiver Program

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STOP, and think about the major consequences of sponsoring a foreign nanny to care for your children!

When Someone Sponsors a Foreign Nanny,

  1. The nanny becomes entitled to sponsor many of their unskilled relatives.
  2. This unfairly puts pressure on Canada`s low income population for jobs and social services.
  3. It contributes to homelessness, social problems and depressed wages, and encourages many locals to give up looking for employment.

Sponsoring a Nanny is just the tip of the iceberg. It enables the nanny to bring in many of her unskilled relatives on the fast-track.This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg!

It Also Places a Burden On The Rest Of the Canadian People
Canadian taxpayers are subsidizing these unskilled workers and their relatives through ESL training, huge net social service payments, settlement services, and the list goes on and on. Since most of these nannies are unskilled, most of them will remain as net recipients of government transfers for many years — and likely the rest of their lives.

Systematic Abuse by 70% of Nannies
Up to 70% of all nannies brought into Canada as Live-in Caregivers are by their own relatives — not to look after other Canadians, but to provide the ‘caregivers’ with a ‘backdoor’ to gain easy Canadian citizenship. This is a clear abuse of the program. Over 600,000 people have arrived through the ‘foreign nanny program’ — with most sponsors still unaware of the serious consequences to which they have contributed.

Moreover, the federal government has known about this abuse for many years and has done nothing about it. Our ambassador in the Philippines even tried to warn our government of the fraud being perpetrated against Canada in this regard. Again, tragically, nothing was done by Ottawa.

So Please be a good neighbour: HIRE A FELLOW CANADIAN
Putting Canada would like to see the Live-in Caregiver Program cancelled. However, until this can be achieved, we are encouraging parents to hire fellow Canadians, instead of seeking nannies overseas. They speak our official language(s), share our national values, and love the country their parents and grandparents helped build — certainly a worthy ‘investment’ for the sake of your children.

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