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Federal Liberals cultivate Mandarin powerhouse in GTA

po-ethnic18nw1By either grand design or ferocious grassroots organization, Toronto’s suburbs are shaping up to be a Mandarin-speaking powerhouse for the federal Liberal Party.

Four ridings around the GTA have Chinese-Canadians candidates, and in sharp contrast to the Conservatives’ top-down ethnic strategy of wooing voters through messaging that appeals to a specific minority, the Mandarin community is fielding its own candidates. In Don Valley North’s nomination contest, scientist Geng Tan upset presumed front-runner Rana Sarkar, a veteran party member and friend of Gerald Butts, Leader Justin Trudeau’s top adviser. Mr. Geng accomplished this by appealing almost solely to a monolithic base of Mandarin-speakers in Mandarin only.

Click to Read the Full Article: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/federal-liberals-cultivate-mandarin-powerhouse-in-gta/article20104666/

2014.August 18Globe and MailJustin TrudeauToronto GTA

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