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Campaigns in Defense of Canada

Putting Canada First will be launching a growing number of campaigns across the country in order to force the government to begin listening to average Canadians. Campaigns efforts will include petitions, letter writing, public protests, and more.

This page will contain background information on each campaign, as well as corresponding links to the the “Taking Action” page.

  1. What Legacy Will Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson Leave When He Passes Away?
  2. Order of BC Should Not Recognize Divisive Balwant Sanghera: An Open Letter to the Order of BC
  3. Defense of Our Official Languages: An Open Letter to the Minister of Heritage
  4. We’re Not Rude Facebook Post – Benefiting From Canada Without Joining Our Culture
  5. Putting Limits on New Coast Realty Excess
  6. Defeat Jon Weston flyer
  7. The Death of Nanaimo? Follow-up flyer to Protect Nanaimo from Real Estate Excess
  8. Protecting Nanaimo from Real Estate Excess
  9. End Vancouver Real Estate Displacement
  10. Language Bylaw Campaign in West Vancouver
  11. Campaign to Require Manufacturers to Label Food Containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  12. Reform or Elimination of the Live-in Caregiver Program (a.k.a. the Foreign Nanny Program)

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