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About Putting Canada First

With self-determination and devotion as our guiding paradigms, Putting Canada First is a growing organization created to bring a voice to the majority of Canadians who are not happy with the direction Canada is taking, and do not trust…

  1. the motives of the big three political parties,
  2. the agenda of major media agencies,
  3. a business sector that has abandoned its responsibilities to average Canadians,
  4. the personal agendas of government, media and business leaders.

There are Reasons to be Optimistic
At the same time, PCF was created to offer hope to average Canadians who feel helpless at all the unnecessary changes being forced upon them. We are optimistic, and it’s not too late to save Canada — but we must act quickly!

This is our Last, Best Chance to Save Canada!

Putting Canada First began with a group of like-minded Canadian patriots from across Canada who were frustrated by the very limited opportunities to express discontent, and to influence change in the direction Canada is heading. As a volunteer organization, our members are motivated by a love for Canada, and a fear that we will lose the Canada we love if something is not done very soon.

Without any credible opposition to the agendas of government, media and corporate leaders, Canada is being changed without the support of the majority of the population. PCF will offer an alternative viewpoint, and start challenging the insidious betrayal of average Canadians that has been occurring for over 40 years. Despite this mismanagement, we can still look forward to a harmonious and prosperous future if we act quickly.

PCF was created to offer reasonable, sensible strategies to repair the problems facing the nation, with made-in-Canada solutions that always put Canada and Canadians first!

Please review our POLICIES AND BELIEFS page. We then we ask that you consider becoming a member of Putting Canada First, or making a separate donation to support our vital efforts. With your help,

Canada will be saved!

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