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Standing on Guard for Canadians

A Mock Retrospective of the ‘Late’ Mayor Gregor Robertson

Many political leaders live in the moment without proper consideration for their legacy. Nevertheless, as time moves on, they start to pay attention to how they will be remembered. So with a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’, PCF offered a glimpse of how Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson will be remembered when his time on earth has ended. With a time set 25 years into the future, we produced a retrospective on his life, as it might be viewed in the 2040s.

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Sovereignty Official Languages
Canadian Heritage

Real Sustainability
Rising Incomes

Reduced Immigration

Restrict Foreign Takeovers and Property Speculation for the Benefit of Canadians

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Putting Canada First is dedicated to the retention and promotion of traditional Canadian culture, history and language, as well as fair trade policies and access for all Canadians to home ownership, employment and education.

With an emphasis on the rights of lower and middle-income Canadian citizens, we monitor:

1. Immigration policy and its economic/social impact.
2. Home affordability, and its relationship to foreign investment.
3. The effect of Temporary Foreign Workers on job opportunities and the lowering of
wages for Canadians.
4. The challenges of multiculturalism, and support for Canada’s official languages.
5. The impact of foreign students replacing Canadian students.
6. Food security, environmentally-sound agriculture, and honest labeling.
7. Support for a diverse free-market economy that doesn’t ‘abandon’ average Canadians.
8. Real environmental stewardship using objective, scientifically-observed determinants.

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